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Welcome to Angry Souls

My name is Carl, and I'm here to help you escape the vicious cycle of anger. I offer both in-person anger management in West Yorkshire and online sessions for those further afield, aimed at helping my clients learn to control their anger and, through that, their lives.

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Does this sound familiar?

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You feel humiliated and left feeling worthless.

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Stopped caring and lack empathy

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 Are you unable to relax, Struggle to rest or sleep?


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You feel as though you're carrying the weight on your shoulders.

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 Find yourself raising your voice to be heard.

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Do you feel like you're out of control?




That's where my anger management in West Yorkshire comes in...

Some express their anger outwardly into the world in general, while others might make other people, their environment or even themselves the object of their frustrations. People express their anger slightly differently, so there is no ‘one-size-fits-all' approach to managing anger. Your particular way of expressing anger is the result of learned behaviours and patterns you have engrained over years or even decades.

We will work together to gently unravel and unwind these behaviours by making you aware of what you're doing and why you're doing it.

Anger Management Sessions


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How can I help?

The aim of my anger management in West Yorkshire and online is to help clients realise and explore healthier ways of dealing with the stresses and strains of their day-to-day lives, without resorting to anger.

This is achieved by:

  • Providing clients with both a space to speak freely and the practical tools they need to set themselves on the path to change.
  • Showing them how their thoughts command their actions
  • Exploring the link between control, power, fear and mental health
  • Looking at how minor frustrations can boil into rage

Anger Management Sessions  About Me


The end goal is not for the client to avoid stressful events or conflicts for the sake of keeping a lid on their anger, but to be able to tackle these situations healthily. This will naturally have knock-on effects on their relationships and confidence as a whole.

Embrace a healthier approach to handling conflict

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Where do I work?

I offer in-person anger management in West Yorkshire, within a 7-mile radius of Wakefield. This includes:

Wakefield  |  Leeds  |  Heckmondwike  |  Batley  |  Dewsbury  |  Castleford  |  Barnsley  |  Pontefract

If you are outside of my coverage, don't worry – I also offer remote sessions via Zoom or over the phone. Please get in touch with my enquiry form to find out more.