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In today's loud and fast-paced world, the intersection of anger and stress becomes more relevant and prominent with each passing year.

Stress is, in many ways, the gateway to anger. In the short term, stress elevates our levels of adrenaline and cortisol to prepare us for a fight-or-flight response. However, chronic stress, like many of us suffer from, erodes our tolerance for minor frustrations.

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How does stress affect your life?

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Research suggests that the chronically stressed are more irritable and experience higher levels of anger, due to the prolonged physiological and psychological effects of stress.

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Chronic stress can create a persistent state of tension and unease, making relaxing or even sleeping a challenge.

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Stress and overthinking tend to feed off of one another, with stress contributing to overthinking and overthinking inevitably leading to stress.


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The irritability and short-temperedness that comes with chronic stress can wear on friendships and relationships.

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With the brain being depleted of glucose, chronically stressed people tend to seek out sugary foods.

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On the other hand, chronic stress can lead to people forgetting to eat at all.






How can you benefit from managing your stress?

Stress is an inevitable part of life, but learning to manage it can have profound effects not just on your levels of anger, but your overall wellbeing.


 Improved Relationships

Unmanaged stress, be it short term spikes on account of work or chronic stress from events beyond your control, will be felt in your relationships. Learning to effectively manage stress can help you to cultivate better communication skills, emotional regulation and strengthen your ability to support your loved ones.


 Improved Physical Health

Chronic stress takes a tremendous toll on the body. Learning to control or reduce your stress will stop and eventually reverse these health-related risks, leading to better overall physical health.


 Improved Productivity

Just as stress can impair your cognitive functions and decrease your focus and memory skills, managing stress can help maintain your concentration skills and improve your productivity in both your personal and professional lives.

Anger Management Sessions





Action, not reaction

As a specialist in anger management in West Yorkshire, there is a natural overlap between my services and controlling stress. 

I help my clients down this path with a policy of ‘action, not reaction.'

Anger and stress are almost always reactions to outside events or circumstances. Taking proactive action instead and taking charge whenever possible can essentially stop these reactions from ever happening. You're choosing to act before you can react and take responsibility for yourself instead of leaving it in the hands of others.

  • More action and less reaction will help you create
  • More action and less reaction will help you understand what your needs are
  • More action and less reaction will naturally reduce your stress levels and help you feel calmer

Anger Management Sessions

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Practical Stress Control Techniques

Stress can set in very quickly, but it can be dispelled equally quickly. If you are feeling overwhelmed, overwhelmed or overstressed, try one of these quick techniques.


Count to 10

The act of mindfully counting to 10 creates a momentary pause that interrupts the stress response, gives you a chance to reapproach the situation with a more composed mindset.


Think of 3 things you're thankful for

Whether it's your friends, your family or your hair, practising gratitude has been shown to reduce stress.


Check-in with yourself

Take a moment to address yourself as though you were somebody else, and ask how you're feeling at this moment in time.







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Stress and anger can be two sides of the same coin – When you learn to manage one, you learn to manage the other.

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