The first step towards lasting and meaningful change is admitting something needs to change.

If you're reading this, there is a good chance you have already started on the road towards managing your anger. If you feel that your anger sometimes gets the better of you, you're far from alone.


of the population say they have trouble controlling their anger


have lost friends or ended relationships on account of their anger


say they worry about how angry they sometimes feel



of office staff regularly lose their temper in the workplace


agree that the world at large is becoming an angrier place

Nearly 80% 

of drivers say they've been involved in a road rage incident





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Anger is a natural emotion, and you can't stop anger completely any more than you can stop the tides of the sea.

But just as you might need to take some precautions if your home keeps flooding, it might be time to consider anger management if you regularly find yourself unable to control it.

Take that all-important first step with my anger management based in  West Yorkshire or online.

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How can Angry Souls help manage your anger?

Whether you are in our local area and opt for in-person anger management in West Yorkshire or our online anger management, the Angry Souls approach is based around three watchwords.

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Control, or a lack of control, can be seen as the root of anger. Situations that make us angry are normally outside of our control, just as the actions of others or world events are outside of our control.

One of the objectives of my anger management in West Yorkshire is to help you stop this spiralling behaviour.

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Cultivating an inner awareness is crucial in learning to manage your anger, as it allows you to recognise the triggers, cues and situations that lead to anger.

Beyond this, being aware of your behaviours can help you frame your response to your triggers. 



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Although it might not feel like it in the moment, anger is often a secondary emotion used to mask underlying fears or vulnerabilities. You could almost look at it as your mind choosing ‘fight' over ‘flight.'

By identifying and acknowledging these fears, my clients are able to begin developing healthier coping strategies and communication skills to address the root cause of their behaviour.


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How does our in-person and online anger management work?

At its core, my approach and the intention behind Angry Souls is centred around giving you somebody to listen to your worries and frustrations in a safe and confidential space with no interruptions or judgements.

Everything starts with a free 30-minute consultation. This gives us a chance to see if we would be a good fit for one another based on your particular situation and what you are looking to get out of our time together. You will also learn about my own story with anger management.

Our sessions together will cover a lot of ground and include:

  • Talking about your frustrations, their root causes and their triggers
  • How to manage rage to remain in control of your behaviours
  • The different types and levels of anger you are struggling with
  • How your lifestyle might be contributing towards your anger
  • Ways in which you can harness your anger and direct this towards something constructive and healthy