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Hi, my name is Carl Butterworth. Thanks for visiting my website.

My approach to anger management is based both on my professional qualifications and my own experience.

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My background with anger management

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that I have struggled with severe anger issues for most of my life, which frequently boiled over into abusive behaviour.

I know what it's like to feel isolated due to things that were said and done in the heat of the moment, to have relationships deteriorated and to feel that you have let yourself and others down. At my lowest point, I was depressed to the point of considering suicide.

I believe that my journey in overcoming these issues sets me apart from other providers of anger management in West Yorkshire and, indeed, the world at large – I can see something of my own story in each of my clients and can empathise with their situation to a greater extent because I have been there myself.

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My Anger Management Qualifications

My approach is further informed by the lengths I have taken to educate myself about anger management. Online courses provided my first step into this supportive and positive industry. I developed and iterated on my understanding with a level 2 qualification in counselling and psychotherapy and have just recently earned a level 3 diploma. coaching certificate, mental health first aider. and years of experience dealing with anger. My training is always ongoing, so you know you're in safe hands.







I would love to help you change your life with my in-person anger management in West Yorkshire or online.

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Why I want to help you

Looking back at my life with the unique skills I have now at my disposal I see not just the mistakes I made but the early warning signs that a few years ago I was unable to recognise

Having seen firsthand what unchecked anger issues can develop into and the effects it can have on one's social life, mental health, and overall well-being, I am to ensure that others do not journey down that same dark path and instead choose healthier emotional responses and coping mechanisms within a professional and therapeutic environment.

Within this bespoke remit, my clients benefit from my natural empathy with your unique situation, coupled with first-hand knowledge that I have at my disposal, tailored towards your own goals and aspirations.

Anger Management Sessions

You can find out more about how my sessions work and my approach as an anger management therapist in West Yorkshire here.

Anger Management Sessions




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Where do I work?

I offer in-person anger management in West Yorkshire, within an approximately 7-mile radius of Wakefield. This includes:

Wakefield  |  Leeds  |  Batley  |  Heckmondwike  |  Dewsbury  |  Castleford  |  Barnsley  |  Pontefract

If you are outside of my coverage, don't worry – I also offer remote sessions via Zoom or over the phone. Please get in touch with my enquiry form to find out more.




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Learn how you transform your anger into a positive and empowering force.

You can book a consultation to discuss in-person anger management in West Yorkshire or online anger management via my enquiry form.

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